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February 2016

Website & Design Project Review 2015

A good, eventful year with a few ambitious projects. The main three things that kept me occupied in 2015 were clients in the real estate and insurance industries, and the setting up of a website hosting company in Cambodia.

ips-cambodia-real-estate-website-development-5Building Property & Real Estate Websites

I continued with a lot of work in the property and real estate sector in Cambodia, with a rebuild of the IPS Cambodia website following the brand & logo design work I’d done previously for the company. For the new website I integrated a WordPress site with automated feeds from the listing management backend system. First moving the website and property database over to servers in Phnom Penh, and then rapidly re-building a functional website and help to migrate the domain reputation over to the new name.

Throughout the year the site has been further developed, particularly with SEO in mind, and now ranks for key real estate keywords in Cambodia as it did before. The website continues to be added to with new properties, articles and blog content.

hostasean-web-hosting-website-design-1The First Website Hosting in Cambodia

Together with Cambo.Host, I established Host Asean Ltd early in 2015, Cambodia’s first dedicated website hosting company. We operate from servers based in Phnom Penh, and by bringing the service locally to Cambodia means we can offer much increased speeds for local businesses. It is a very early stage in a market where websites and internet use is still relatively new, but it is rapidly changing.

Host Asean Ltd just celebrated its first anniversary since the company registration in early January and is steadily growing and creating a place in the market where typically web hosting has been provided from the low cost providers in the US which dominate the global market. I offer fully and personally managed website hosting services based on the servers in Phnom Penh.

Growing Cambodian Insurance Market

Insurance featured highly among clients and projects, with both People & Partners Insurance Plc. and later in the year, IBS (Insurance Broker Solutions) opening its doors to the market in Cambodia. For both companies I provided a wide range of services covering their logo & branding design, corporate identity, stationery, and marketing collateral. For People & Partners the project also involved creating advertising concept work for their launch campaign, based around the message that “insurance is for everyone” to appeal to the mass Khmer market.

My insurance related work also extends into system development and IT. Largely development and management of custom financial and account management cloud systems for FEIC (Asia) Limited, also all running from servers managed and maintained in Phnom Penh.


Looks like a lot more websites to build and more code to write rather than graphic design in 2016.

Email me at [email protected] if you have any interesting projects lined up.

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