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July 2019

Digital Marketing in Cambodia and Beyond: Look no further than Blak Ink Media

Blak Ink Media - Digital Marketing Services

Blak Ink Media was established in 2017 and is a collaboration between myself and Glenn ‘Jeefunk’ Mitchell. We noticed our complimentary digital marketing skillsets after collaborating on earlier client projects, so we teamed up to offer a full range of content creation and media services. Our clients can now benefit from a complete package of digital marketing services.

Copywriting and content creation

Words are an important part of creating a brand, website, or digital marketing campaign. Combining copywriting services with my usual graphic design and website development services allows Blak Ink to offer websites and marketing collateral that not only looks good, but captivates the reader and draws them in. Communicating your message clearly is important – because if no one understands your message then you’ve wasted the effort of attracting them in the first place. A visitor’s eye may be drawn by an attractive design, but full engagement comes from consuming the content – our words and photographs.

For best results our copywriting and photography services offer a complete package for creating content for your website, brochures, and other digital marketing needs.

SEO service in Cambodia

SEO is an area that I’ve learned a lot about in the last few years. I’ve always been around the SEO industry and conducted best practices when building a website, but it’s never been a key speciality. By collaborating in Blak Ink Media we can now offer a specialised SEO service in Cambodia and for our international clients. SEO relates to both the website development, and copywriting parts of a project, with additional time on keyword research, competitor analysis, and monitoring rankings to see the results of our work.

Digital marketing

Ongoing digital marketing can take many forms. From social media, PPC, email newsletters, content marketing, blogging, and SEO. Blak Ink offers consulting services to identify the best – and realistic – digital marketing strategy plus advice on each component. Some things we offer services for, while others are focused more on training and empowering your in-house team to produce consistent and quality marketing on a long term basis.

We have already collaborated on many projects for clients in both Cambodia and Australia. Some of our favourite Blak Ink projects include Pacific Hotel, Fair Trade Village, Zapdat, Designbx, Pro Vida, and People & Partners Insurance to name but a few.

The SEO, copywriting, and digital marketing services that we offer through Blak Ink Media perfectly compliment my website development, graphic design, web hosting and photography work. Together we can offer a wide range of marketing and media services. But while we offer a surprisingly wide range of digital marketing and creative services, we work just as a duo of independent consultants with low overheads. This enables us to keep quality high while also keeping costs considerably lower than a large brick and mortar agency.

If you’d like to learn more about Blak Ink Media please contact me or visit our website at

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