Website Design Proposal

Step-by-Step Website Design Project Proposal


Design, develop and implement a new website for your business or personal project. Scope of work will involve website setup and frontend customisation, WordPress theme selection, photograph and image sourcing, selection and creation, content review and creation, implementation and setup of backend CMS functionality and plugins.

The website will be built based on the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) Platform and utilise premium themes and rapid development through plugins and add-ons to build the required functionality, this is to keep development time low, timeframes short, and therefore enables costs to be low.

Focus will be on setting the right scene for customers, promoting “international standards”, and providing a platform for contacting the company, leaving plenty of room for further expansion later.

A number of additional areas can be built into the website, and I will submit recommendations for utilising additional plugins to your benefit, such as providing additional functionality to enhance the overall website. These can include integration with Social Media and other marketing channels such as opt-in newsletters, functionality such as enquiry processes, blogs, video, audio as well as user interface enhancements to create the impression you intend to.

Website Sections / Plugins

An overview of sections and content that could easily be built into the website.

  • Homepage
    Provides information and links to sections relating to business and individual customers and partners. Features for the main products and call to actions at key points.
  • Product/Service Information
    The key products will be organised into an easily navigable products section of the site, including both featured and secondary/supporting products/add-ons and services.
  • Blog / News
    Company news and articles. Easily managed through the native WordPress blog functionality using categories and tags. Great for SEO.
  • Our Team
    Company team member bios and photos displayed in an elegant format.
  • Support / Knowledgebase
    How to articles, and later videos, can be set up in a knowledge base style searchable area of the website to make it easier for customers to get support for the various products.
  • Contact / Order Forms
    Custom email contact and ordering / quotation forms set up and integrated into the website.
  • Customer Reviews / Testimonials
    Easily allow customers to add reviews of your business directly on your website. The reviews are sent to you for approval and once posted, enhance your website with additional content.
  • Multi-Language & Translation
    Set up your website in multiple languages (including Khmer) using the WPML plugin. As long as the text is translated then we can easily set up your website in as many languages as needed. It is useful to have a speaker of other languages available to help translate menu items and other static parts of the website, as well as the page content itself.
  • Other Areas – As Required
    There is usually an elegant and simple plugin based solution to nicely display whatever kind of content you have available. Including adding sections for videos, podcasts, events, downloads, photo galleries, job listings, google maps, directory listings, and more. We can discuss your requirements.

Due to the nature of the website platform, there is almost no limit on the pages and functionality that can be added to the website. However, any additional features not listed here will require prior discussion and there may be additional cost for more complex or large sections.

Speed Optimisations

Optimising the website for speed on the servers will involve my usual WordPress tweaks, plugin configurations, and provides functionality to manage some of these options through the CMS.

  • Cache Setup & Configuration
    Using W3 Total Cache we can cache pages, database queries, encourage local browser caching, and has options for pre-loading the cache that will be customised for the needs of the site.
  • Minify CSS/JavaScript
    Using either JCH Optimize or W3 Total Cache inbuilt functions to combine and minify the JavaScript & CSS files, different plugins depending on the specific needs of the website.
  • Image Optimisation
    Automatic image optimisation using plugins. Can be upgraded for more compression.
  • Apache/PHP/MySQL Database Optimisations
    Ensure all scripts work within the server limits and that the database is tidy and set up optimally.
  • .htaccess Speed Optimisations
    Setting cache-control headers and other little tweaks.

SEO & Link Preservation

I will set up Yoast SEO which is my preferred and the leading SEO plugin for WordPress. It provides functions for sitemaps and user friendly guides for optimising your site, and most crucially the ability to set the SEO titles/meta descriptions of pages through the CMS.

  • Migrate any existing plugin to Yoast SEO plugin (where possible).
  • 301 Redirect any existing article links to their new locations.
  • Ensure any deleted pages are redirected somewhere useful.

SEO is an ongoing process that generally takes a lot of time and effort. This will provide a basic platform to do the best for the existing content and allow for any later SEO activities.

As an extra service, I can provide weekly or monthly SEO ranking and analytic reports based on data extracted from your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other ranking factors based on custom keywords. We can monitor the search ranking change and run site audits to pick up any issues affecting your search engine ranking.

Futureproofing / Platform Stability

The website will rely on the proven WordPress platform, but the functionality and sections will be provided by different plugins. There will always be potential in the future for plugins to conflict and to stop being supported. But as long as updates are managed properly and abandoned plugins switched out for new ones over time, this will be a minimal issue.

  • Core site functionality uses standard WordPress Posts & Pages which will never break.
  • Key areas such as the directory utilise premium plugins that are supported by the author, they typically provide renewable support every 12 months if required.
  • Similar support period/terms apply to the premium theme if required.
  • Individual plugins will only affect one section at any time if there are any issues.
  • Customisations to CSS styling rather than theme edits, so the theme can be easily updated in the future and compatibility issues more easily ruled out.
  • Website can be easily managed or extended by any WordPress capable developer, of which there are many. Both locally and internationally.

The maintenance plan offered with the hosting from covers keeping the platform and plugins in working order between security updates.


The website will be secured on all levels from the hosting platform, web server, database, and up to the WordPress level itself through up to 3 security plugins that block malicious logins, and provide logs and alerts.

I suggest to also install a SSL Certificate at a variable cost, out of the options for most sites I would recommend a wildcard certificate with mobile browser support. This would allow us to properly secure and encrypt all user communication with the site. Google also gives a tiny boost to SSL encrypted websites.

Warranty / Guarantee

Most websites will include 12 month warranty period from the time of launch when hosted on, which is extendable with one of the Core Security or Speed & SEO monthly maintenance packages.

The website build will be guaranteed against any bugs arising from WordPress, the theme, or plugins that prevent essential functionality, sections or pages from performing correctly or that are affecting the performance of the website. Solutions may include adding custom tweaks or styling, switching plugins for alternatives, rebuilding pages, database management and optimisation, general housekeeping, cache reconfiguring or other re-optimisations and troubleshooting.

The website will also be covered against destruction caused by hacking and attack from external internet sources for as long as the security maintenance contract continues. This could include Denial of Service attacks, or malicious attacks intended to harm the website. If in the highly unlikely event that any such attack does occur, then the website will be cleaned and restored to its former glory and re-secured at no extra cost.

Image Sourcing / Content

As part of the website design project I will usually collect a set of licenced stock photos and images to use in the website design and in later print design for any marketing or advertising uses. These will be high resolution and ready to use. Images will be purchased under royalty free licences from various stock photography websites that I use, and also from my own photo collection.

If custom photography is required for a project, either I can offer services myself or via a third party photographer. Easily organised in Phnom Penh and wider Cambodia, and further afield in Southeast Asia subject to availability and costs.

Content writing services are also available as an extra, it is often a benefit to your website to get some professionally written copy and blog posts to get started.

Website Migration / Data Import & Export

I can move your existing site over to, then use it as a base for an update, or extract the content and reuse this as a basis to build a brand new website.

Many websites require large amounts of data, and this is sometimes complicated and time consuming to clean and import into a new website. Importing existing website data or full migrations from other common CMS platforms are not usually too much trouble. It is also hassle free to import product data from an Excel or CSV file into a WooCommerce based online shop within your WordPress website, this can simplify pricing.

Data can also be used for more advanced uses such as an extensive directory including map coordinates and photos, real estate listings with large photos and custom templates, or other classified type data to display on your website.


Quotation will usually cover a block of hours to be applied to the project, which is expected to be completed within the time estimated below. The time worked on the project would be spread out over smaller blocks of work performed over a longer time period, with approximately 1-2 weeks being available within any one month time period. The overall timeframe is usually expected to be 4-6 weeks.

This is based on the assumption we already have some usable graphics and other assets as part of the logo and branding work. If not, I can provide these as an extra service.

15 daysPrepare recommendations for themes, plugins and content.
210-14 daysPrepare content for the website, source photos and imagery, identify areas that need to be adapted to fit either in the company’s content, or in the website layout or functionality.
3Select and purchase theme/plugins.
410-14 daysCommence website implementation and setup.
Website is built on a demo server and client can access the in-progress website to view it at any time.
510-14 daysRefine, add final content, tweak and review the website.
6Set the website live on the designated hosting server.

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