Joe Ogden

[email protected]


Key Skills:

Graphic Design
Print & Digital Advertising
Social Media Setup
Advertising // Marketing Campaigns
Print & Production
Website Frontend Design
Web & Mobile Application UI Design
Website Backend Architecture
Website & Email Hosting Server Configuration
Networking & IT Troubleshooting
Art Direction // Creative Direction
Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Local Knowledge

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Creative, website & systems consultant. Skills and experience in website & app development, graphic design for branding & advertising, social media & online marketing, IT, and photography, among other related areas.

I have been active in web design, graphic design and photography primarily on a freelance basis for nearly 20 years and more recently involved in various Cambodia based positions and agencies for the last 10 years.

Originally from London, UK where I studied Art & Design while developing my web and programming skills. In 2007, at the age of 22, I relocated to Thailand due to family connections in the region, and then to Cambodia in 2008 after being offered employment at a start-up in Phnom Penh. Since moving to Cambodia, I have worked in a range of roles including as a consultant and freelancer working solo, short-term in-house contracts at agencies, as an inhouse website designer, and founding and running my own agencies in 2011 (Pixels) and 2014 (Urban Design Studio) with different business partners.

In 2015 established HostAsean.com, the first dedicated web hosting provider in Cambodia which I run day to day. Since 2017 I also have an active role in Blak Ink Media, a creative digital consultancy.


Design & Website:

Graphic Design

Print & Digital Advertising

Social Media

Advertising & Marketing

Print & Production

Website Frontend Design

Web & Mobile App UI Design

Website Backend Architecture

Email & Website Hosting

Search Engine Optimisation


Logos & Branding

Art & Creative Direction

Digital Consulting


Website Security