Web Application Development

Backend and customer facing web application development for custom business systems.

I develop and implement web applications and custom backend systems for increasing business automation and productivity. Primary strengths in this area are integration with remote data sources and automation, designing custom graphic-driven user interfaces, and manipulating your data to best and most seamlessly fit the software and business requirements.

Specialist systems built since 2010 for the insurance, telecoms, and property sectors perform financial accounting, marketing and project management, and automated property website listing tasks. My clients are companies based around Southeast Asia. Data is stored centrally and the web applications run from custom configured, secure and scalable web hosting platforms based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.,

Recent work primarily focuses around the creation of a new base framework used to build systems for insurance and real estate sectors. The platform caters to building cloud business management systems and the software can be customised to specific business sectors and almost any individual need.

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Custom Built Framework

Original system platform has been in development since 2010, with a complete overhaul in 2015-2016 to bring it in line with new technologies and coding standards. The web software is primarily built in PHP, MySQL, with a custom user interface using jQuery and other custom JavaScript functions. All interfaces are easily branded to your company for seamless integration with existing systems and websites.

Remote Feeds & Automation

Systems and apps can integrate with remote data sources, or provide data feeds to third-party software. Integrate everything from automatic posting on WordPress sites to bank statement imports for financial records. Data can be provided by XML, accessed live or uploaded by FTP, and is secured by access tokens or IP address as needed. Your own data can be streamlined and modified to suit newly emerging needs.

Mobile Team Collaboration

Organise your team into roles and give access to only what is needed. Full activity logging for all user actions allows you to monitor and control your data. Team email alerts for notifications, tasks and status changes ensures everyone stays on the same page. Users can access the system via mobile devices and native Android app launchers on almost any device when they are out of the office.

Specialised Hosting Platform

Run on custom configured servers based to providing an optimal hosting environment for your business systems. Optimised for the custom framework functions and providing low latency for Asia based teams and multiple concurrent users. Monitoring to ensure system and data availability during all business hours for every day usage. Data centre based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


Email Me →Custom web application development and systems used in the insurance, ISP, property, and web hosting sectors in Southeast Asia.


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