Website Design & Development

Rapidly built WordPress based corporate and specialist website design & development for Cambodia and worldwide clients.

I’ve been building websites for nearly 20 years, with some of the earliest commercial examples still online since around 2001. Later gaining experience in a wide variety of industries in Cambodia and Thailand since 2007/8. Clients range from business services, tourism and hospitality, to digital and media companies. Understanding and experience of the fast changing online infrastructure in Cambodia and working in emerging environments using locally gained knowledge to your benefit.

Most companies are more than covered by a customised WordPress based website, with additional functionality easily added through plugins. I check all themes and plugins used on the WordPress sites I build to ensure an easily maintainable platform free from conflicts during updates and secured against vulnerabilities.


Customisable WordPress Platform

I’ve been building custom WordPress themes and websites since the early versions and it has proved reliable, customisable and scalable for business website use. Based on a standard WordPress installation, most website design work adopts the required Content Management System functionality from the core platform. Many clients take over content updates on their site through the easy to use admin system.


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Extendable Themes & Plugins

Quickly add or change functionality within your website design, or fix problems by adding or configuring plugins. I use a number of regular plugins to add functionality to client websites, including both free and premium recommendations for photo galleries, SEO, job listings, knowledgebase articles, landing pages, contact and quote forms, or to enhance the standard blog area.


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Search Engine Optimisation Tools

It is a relatively simple but time consuming task to fully tag and optimise your website pages and images. The rules for SEO change all the time but there are a number of tools you can use on your website to ensure the content is clearly readable to the search engine bots crawling your site. I can help set up analytics and help you take over ongoing management of your search engine optimisation.


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Optimised Website Hosting Platform

Providing an optimal hosting environment for your business website. Pre-optimised for WordPress cache and security plugins, with Apache and .htaccess tweaks focused on providing low latency for Asia based visitors. Many years experience maintaining web hosting for companies and responding to issues to keep websites in good working order for your visitors. Data centre in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


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Specialised in WordPress based corporate website design and custom development for businesses in Cambodia.



Joe Ogden
Website Design & Development
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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