Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of clients from a huge range of industries and business sectors. My clients are primarily based in Cambodia with some further afield in wider Southeast Asia, the UK, and Australia.

In recent years my most notable experience is working with clients in the financial and insurance sectors, and have also performed a significant amount of work in the property and real estate area. Earlier experience in Cambodia was primarily focused on the hospitality industry, working with numerous hotels and restaurants.

I’ve worked with brands large and small, both on inhouse contracts and adhoc freelance work. Everything from telecommunications giants to small startups and one-person consultancy businesses. Below you’ll find a small sample of some of my larger clients over the years.

Consulting Clients in Cambodia

Clients and industry sectors I have worked with including but not limited to:

Business // Services

SMCS Group (Investment)
SMCS Risk (Risk Management)
Pi-Cart Networks (IT / Servers)
Osborn Funeral Services (Cambodia)
Global Green International / Bioplant (Renewable Energy)
Urban Design Studio (Advertising Agency)
2 Ten Sourcing (Garment Industry)
AziSafe (Safety & Security)
Innov8 International Group (Research / Events)
Lukacs Law (Legal)
BNG Legal (Legal)
Royal Group of Companies (Investment / Corporate)
Pixels (Advertising Agency)
Ezecom (Telecoms / ISP)
Justin Sampson (MC / Auctioneer)
Pearl Consulting Services (Consulting)
Solar Partners Asia (Renewable Energy)
Pocket Guide Cambodia / B2B (Publishing)
AusCham Cambodia (Business Association)
BritCham Cambodia (Business Association)

Financial // Insurance

People & Partners Insurance Plc. (Insurance)
FEIC (Asia) Ltd (Insurance)
Insurance Broker Solutions (Cambodia) Ltd (Insurance)
Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank (Mobile Bank)
Angkor Capital Specialized Bank (Banking)


Hospitality // Tourism

Victoria Hotels & Resorts
Hotel Cambodiana
Hotel Nine
Riverside Suites
Dancing Roads Cambodia
Villa Langka
POD Hospitality Consultants
Starling Ridge Plantation Resort
Top Peak Travel Borneo
Eureka Villas
Savan Vegas Casino

Property // Construction

Independent Property Services / IPS Cambodia
GT Tower / M Invest
Bridge Capital / Bridge Immigration Investments
Elevated Realty
Imagine Property Project Management
Advance Construction
Urban Garden
Artisan Surface Finishes


Food // Beverage

Doi Ka Noi (Vientiane)
Metro Restaurants
Will’s Brunch Cafe
The Lost Room
Urban Flavours
The Common Tiger
Por Cuisine (Siem Reap)
Now closed or changed: DP’s eclectic eatery, Green Vespa, Living Room Cafe, Fish Phnom Penh, Aussie XL.

Retail // Products

Bruntys Premium Cider
Bo Tree Pepper
Starling Farm Kampot Pepper
D’s Books
Hummingbird Boutique
Sheila Grey
Organic Cambodian Tobacco
Coola Products
Mekong Oryza
Carma Rice
HoM Natural Beauty
Ravissence Anti-aging Product
CamCem / Rhino Cement
Monument Books & Toys


NGO // Education

SISHA Anti Trafficking & Exploitation (NGO)
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation (NGO)
Cambodia Federation of Rugby (NGO)
GET Global English & Training (Education)
Simphony Music School (Education)
Joe Ogden
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Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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