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April 2020

Brand and promote your small business

I offer a complete suite of services to brand and promote your small business – from initial brand design to ongoing digital marketing.

As every entrepreneur knows, setting up and running a small business requires you organise everything from accounting to marketing. I’ve helped hundreds of businesses take care of their essential brand identity and online needs, from their logo through to web hosting and email services. I aim to provide straightforward, practical services without excess fluff – to help you promote your small business and ensure you can get your venture ready to move forward as efficiently as possible.

Here’s an overview of what I can offer you to help you promote your small business – from the initial logo and branding, through to website development, and ongoing digital marketing services.


Logo & Brand Design

Your logo design and brand identity is important to help people recognise your company. Your logo can help communicate visually and set the right tone for your customers – a trustworthy business service, or a dynamic marketing team would have very different visual identities. Your brand identity can also help elevate the perception of your business – often important when you are starting small.


Corporate Identity & Graphic Design

Expanding on the logo and brand design, your corporate identity includes visual styles used throughout standard stationery, websites, and social media. Everything should have a cohesive look and feel. It’s recommended to create a set of consistent designs for your business cards, letterheads, folders, presentation templates, and social media profile and header images, plus any other useful materials.


Website Design & Development

In our online world, your company website shows that you are open for business. What kind of website design you need will depend on your business. It could be a flashy corporate “brochure” website, an e-commerce website to sell your products online, or a web app with custom functionality. I can help build, maintain or at least advise on any of these kinds of websites. When building your website we can ensure a futureproof, expandable platform to do a variety of digital marketing activities to drive traffic to your website and increase your sales.


Digital Marketing & SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

A website has only so much value as a static online brochure. The real value from a website is when it can generate new leads through digital marketing and SEO – this way the website is working for you 24/7 as a brand new sales channel. I can help develop a small or large scale digital marketing strategy that includes content marketing, SEO, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, email newsletters, and more. It can be as little as a weekly blog post or a far more aggressive strategy for highly competitive industries.


Email & Web Hosting

Email is the lifeblood of business so being able to set up and manage reliable email services for your team is vital. It is just as important that your website stays online reliably, and loads as fast as possible. For most businesses an all in one email and web hosting package like I offer through will be more than adequate – and I offer fully managed web hosting services at an affordable price for those that need it. I can also help find a solution for those with specific needs such as high storage requirements, high website traffic, or web app hosting.



Professional photography can help show off your best business assets in the most attractive way. Sometimes this is directly tied to increasing sales, such as for real estate for rent and sale, hotel interiors for booking portals, and product photography for e-commerce. In these areas the quality of your photography can be the difference between making a sale or not. Other service orientated businesses can benefit from telling a story through corporate photography – aiming to differentiate themselves from the generic stock photos. I offer a range of professional photography services to help your business look its best.



These services can be essential for a new business to succeed, but they may be used in varying amounts depending on your priorities. An online business won’t need much in the way of stationery print collateral, and a one-person startup will have lower email storage needs than a large team. Some clients put more focus on templates and guidelines for use in-house, whereas others prefer me to take care of the details and produce final materials ready for print or online usage. Some may consider photography a luxury, while for others it is essential to showcase their product.

Please get in touch with me if you’re interested in a quotation for any or all of the above. I can adapt to your priorities and usually also your budget.

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