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February 2016

First Dedicated Web Hosting Company in Cambodia

HA - Logo - v1 (01-05-2015)-19I’ve looked after website hosting and email hosting for clients for as long as I’ve been building websites, and in 2015 I launched Cambodia’s first dedicated web hosting company, So what is this new company offering web hosting in Cambodia all about?

The company was formed on the 4th January 2015 from my laptop while spending some time in Kampot over the new year holidays. Together with Cambo.Host who provided some essential hardware and networking expertise, I spent a few months configuring, testing, and physically moving servers around Cambodia until we were ready to move everything over to the Phnom Penh server around April.

By June we had ironed out some bugs and were ready to go – Cambodia’s first dedicated web hosting provider was now online to stay.

The network that uses is provided by SINET, and the server sits in their data centre in central Phnom Penh. Connected to a 100mbps international link and up to 1gbps domestic connection to give extra speed for all your Cambodia based website visitors. In this case, the domestic network also seems to cover part of Thailand and Vietnam as a bonus. Customers connected to ISPs peered to this connection in Cambodia also enjoy very low latency to their website and email servers – typically only 2-3ms.

HostAsean’s web servers run cPanel for easy account management and are optimised for WordPress and regular business email use. The platform is configured with firewalls and extra security settings, that alongside the recommended WordPress security plugins, help to minimise any chance of your WordPress site being compromised.

Later expansion plans include server hubs in other ASEAN countries, with potential locations being Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Laos and Vietnam. Almost everyone can benefit from hosting more locally. Especially in countries where the infrastructure is not as fast as the more common Asian web hosting server hubs like Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

I offer personally managed website hosting plans for my website design and development clients. With this you can be assured that everything from your WordPress dashboard to your web hosting cPanel and email account settings are in good hands.

So if you’re looking for web hosting in Cambodia you’re in luck. I’d happy to help you get set up with a new website or move your existing one, just pick out a web hosting package or get in touch.


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