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June 2019

Travel Begins at 40 – a travel website ready for take-off

Travel Begins at 40

Travel Begins at 40 is a niche travel website and online magazine, publishing articles, news, offers, and covering festivals around the world.

The concept for the Travel Begins at 40 travel website was created by Mark Bibby Jackson, former publisher of AsiaLIFE magazine and other publications around Southeast Asia. Between Mark, myself, and a team of travel writers we have built up the website since its launch in September 2017.

Travel Begins at 40 aims to be full of content of interest the more mature but adventurous traveller, though it doesn’t exclude those under 40 too. I’m not part of the target demographic yet myself. We keep it regularly updated with new travel stories and coverage of world festivals.


Travel Begins at 40 website homepage

Travel Begins at 40 website homepage


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a big focus for both the technical side of the website and for the writing team. Every article we post includes keyword research and optimisation techniques to attempt to please Google enough to rank us highly in the search results. It’s a slow but steady process, but it appears to be paying off. We’re experimenting with a variety of SEO strategies to see what works, for now we’re having most success with niche topics and event coverage.

Social media is also a key part of our marketing strategy. Every article, news item, special offer or event is posted on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Sometimes this works out and we enjoy a small viral boost when we get shared by a bigger page such as an official festival organiser or a destination tourism authority.

I’ve also started publishing the odd post on the website, both written travel pieces and photo essays. To start with I’ve covered a weekend in Yangon, timeless images of Kampot & Kep, and a trip up the King Power MahaNakhon Tower for a bird’s eye view of Bangkok. Later I plan to cover recent travels to Myanmar, Vietnam, and other Southeast Asian nations.


Scaling the King Power MahaNakhon Tower in Bangkok

Scaling the King Power MahaNakhon Tower in Bangkok


If you’re interested in reading what Travel Begins at 40 has to offer then visit the website at Check the front page for the latest travel articles or visit the about us page for more information about the site. If you’re social inclined then follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe to our weekly email newsletter.

You can also find Travel Begins at 40 in my portfolio. Get in touch if you’re interested in hiring me to work on your website project.

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